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Master Your Life

Supporting people to awaken, heal and evolve.

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Transpersonal Healing

Transform your life with powerful twenty-first century energy healing and personal development.

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Spiritual Development

Do you need some support? Try our step-by-step spiritual guidance to help you with your journey.

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Courses & Workshops

Want to fast-track your development? We invite you to try one of our esoteric talks, courses or workshops.

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Explore the power of transmission meditation! Join a group of like-minded people in your area to meditate.

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Twenty-First Century Healing and Spiritual Development

Our esoteric platforms support health and wellbeing, and our current evolutionary goal to become soul conscious.

Hello and Welcome

Next Dimension Healing is an exciting, twenty-first century energy healing and spiritual development practice located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

As facilitators of Light, we have come during this extraordinary time of ‘Earth and Human evolution’ to help assist people from all paths, faiths and walks of life, move into higher states of consciousness within the principles of Universal Love and Oneness of all Life.

Our dedication and passion is to provide esoteric foundations that inspire personal transformation and self-empowerment which will effectively support your ‘journey of awakening’ and help you to create greater physical health, happiness, abundance, joy and love.

Our holistic services, which have been developed over many years, provide a powerful Healing and Spiritual platform for all people seeking esoteric knowledge and supportive guidance with healing, Self-realization, awakening and the path of conscious evolution.

At the very core of our work, we help assist people by facilitating a diverse range of metaphysical-tools, including- twenty-first century energy healing, Ageless Wisdom Teachings, consciousness development work, awakening tools, ascension guidance and soul psychology.

Our mission is to deliver the most effective, powerful, insightful, grounded and in-depth system of healing and spiritual development education, which will support you to Heal, Awaken and Evolve.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Transpersonal Healing (Private Sessions)

Are you all set to try the ultimate healing experience? Our two energy-healing platforms are highly effective, twenty-first century processes, which move you way beyond the outdated healing paradigms to a place of wellness, possibilities and healing transformation.

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Spiritual Development (Private Sessions)

Are you ready to fast track your spiritual growth? Our individually tailored spiritual guidance sessions will help you along the evolutionary pathway by delivering step-by-step esoteric knowledge and soul aligned guidance, which is masterfully designed to benefit you, no matter what level of spiritual development you have attained.

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Meditation (Group Meditation)

Explore the power of meditation. Are you ready to come and join a group of like-minded people in your area to meditate? Meditation is a definite pathway to access higher consciousness and realize your own divinity. We welcome all beginners and experienced meditators to join us.

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Courses & Workshops (Group Work)

Need some authentic metaphysical knowledge? Whether you are newly awakening, a practicing therapist or someone who is just seeking knowledge, we offer various day courses and excellent programs on different esoteric subjects that will seriously support your journey to heal, awaken and evolve.

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