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 NDH Spiritual Guidance

“Man know thyself, for within thyself is all there is to be known”

Next Dimension Healing ‘Spiritual-Development’ are authentic esoteric platforms, which help awakening people take an incredible journey to explore your true potential as a spiritual being in the twenty-first century.

Our progressive, development mentoring style, provides a genuine educational framework for all seekers who are searching for esoteric wisdom to uplift, inspire and expand your consciousness.

Each dialogue-based guidance session is designed to integrate modern personal development techniques with ancient spiritual wisdom and esoteric philosophy, providing you with practical strategies to achieve your goals in health, evolution and life change.

Whether you are just starting to ‘spiritually awaken’ or you are already consciously ‘walking the path’ our personally tailored development work, acts like a spiritual compass to help support you through the next part of your Life Journey.

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…………..The immortal destiny of each and all of us, is to attain the consciousness of the higher Self, and subsequently that of the Divine Spirit.

Private Sessions: Spiritual Development

Next Dimension Healing ‘Spiritual-Development Training’ is a progressive, esoteric education platform that specializes in mentoring any person who is expressing the desire to expand their consciousness, to learn, to change, to grow, and to understand life more fully.

In our appointments we work one-on-one to help client/students develop a practical understanding of the Self or Soul, the Soul’s relation to the little self or personality and the process of integrating and fusing the Soul and the personality using well defined and proven techniques.

Our esoteric-framework is structured to provide individual mentoring for all new spiritual seekers, Probationary students, Discipleship training and those engaged in moving beyond discipleship to Initiatory growth.

For those spiritual seekers who tread this path and commit to their own spiritual development the rewards can be life enhancing, spiritually fulfilling and truly enlightening.

If you’re ready for some Self-enquiry work, super effective guidance and powerful Self-realization tools that will assist you on your evolutionary journey, book now with Mark on 0419 378 204. You can also enquire online at our Services.

Our Services

Energy Healing-Therapy (Private Sessions)

Are you all set to try the ultimate healing experience? Our two energy-healing platforms are highly effective, twenty-first century processes, which move you way beyond the outdated healing paradigms to a place of wellness, possibilities and healing transformation. Make a commitment today and treat yourself to a powerful energy healing session.

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Spiritual Development (Private Sessions)

Are you ready to reach your evolutionary goal? Our individually tailored spiritual guidance sessions will help you along the evolutionary pathway by delivering step-by-step esoteric knowledge and soul aligned guidance, which is masterfully designed to benefit you, no matter what level of spiritual development you have attained.

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Courses & Workshops (Group Work)

Need some authentic metaphysical knowledge? Whether you are newly awakening, a practicing therapist or someone who is just seeking knowledge, we offer various day courses and excellent programs on different esoteric subjects that will seriously support your journey to heal, awaken and evolve. Learn to be the master of your life.

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Meditation (Group Meditation)

Explore the power of meditation. Are you ready to come and join a group of like-minded people in your area to meditate? Meditation is a definite pathway to access higher consciousness and realize your own divinity. We welcome all beginners and experienced meditators to join us. Don’t delay get started today.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

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